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Lemon Fused First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml - by Olive Oil Divine

Lemon Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oil - by Olive Oil Divine

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This fused extra virgin olive oil was made by fusing lemons with the olives through the press.

It's a great choice to use on fish, chicken, and salads.

Pairs well with our Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar, Champagne White Balsamic Vinegar, or Traditional White Balsamic Vinegar!

  • Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • First cold pressed within 24 hours of olive harvest
  • Polyphenol: 240 (average)
  • Acidity (FFA): 0.17 (average)
  • Contact us for current harvest date & data
  • Country of origin: USA - California