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Who is a Kitchen Hero?

Who is a Kitchen Hero? …and who is a Kitchen Clown?

  • Have you ever wished you could cook a masterpiece meal fit for a king but are afraid of failing or spending too much $$?
  • Do you want to make a healthy dinner that you and your family really enjoy but lack the know-how in the kitchen?
  • Are you confused or tired of trying to understand olive oil labels and which ones to believe?

If you answered yes to any of these, then know that we care and are here to help you!

We hear it every day through customer testimonials, “I don’t know how to cook” or “How do I know which olive oil is real and which is not?” or “What would I use this on?”  Just like us at one time, these people felt hopeless and embarrassed at their lack of knowledge about quality food and how to use it.

We ultimately created Olive Oil Divine so these folks could come into our store, taste the difference, gain instruction and purchase quality ingredients with confidence after we gave them tips for using our free recipes to create meals they never thought possible. We made them semi-experts about our healthy food options, and we taught them the difference of our products compared to what is found on other stores shelves. Finally, we made them happy & relieved by showing them how to determine if an olive oil is real or fake so they could spend their money wisely. They really began to enjoy eating healthy!

These folks went home and used our products along with their newfound knowledge to boldly create some amazing new dishes, snacks, and meals for their Kings…, er families! Their taste buds, and more importantly their bodies enjoyed these meals so much they were overjoyed and impressed at what they had accomplished. They were finally considered good cooks by their peers and were looked upon as “Kitchen Hero’s”!

Our own team of kitchen heroes will guide you through the maze of discovering our real extra virgin olive oil & Italian aged balsamic vinegar. After sending over 23 million milliliters of our oil & vinegar out our doors, we have what it takes to make you a “Kitchen Hero”! Will you heed the call of hero status?  Do you have what it takes to master your own kitchen? To find out, visit us soon or risk becoming known as a “Kitchen Clown”…

That’s the safest way to assure your title of “Kitchen Hero”!


Our award-winning store is here for you Monday-Saturday from 10-6. Stop by for your free education about these topics and more or visit us online at to shop our oils, balsamics, seasonings, pastas, olives and free recipes that will help you achieve “Kitchen Hero” status.