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Notice: March 12, 2020

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ADDITIONALLY: (3/17/2020) All of our balsamic & oil that is crafted in Italy is from crops BEFORE this outbreak! We are currently negotiating with U.S. sources to assure the products we procure in the future are safe once our current inventory is depleted.  At this time the US FDA has determined (click here) that there has been no evidence of packaged food transmitting the virus.

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Greg and Shirley have given the Tri-Cities an awesome outlet where home chefs and professional chefs can add that special touch to their dishes. Aged Balsamic Vinegars, Infused Oils, Infused Vinegars, Spice Blends and more really make this a must when sourcing your ingredients for that special dinner. I keep a fair amount of their bottles for everyday cooking too. Thanks guys!!!

James Allen, Chef

The best place around. Best oils and knowledge of each product. My favorite is the chili based olive oil..

Dan Romano

Olive & Balsamic is so much more than taste, it's a new horizon in food preparation and health care. Avoid the low budget, knock off products and make your way to Olive Oil Divine, get educated and create the NEW LIFE of enjoying your food while becoming healthy.

Dr. Timothy Dunne

We are NOT a veronica foods re-seller!

Why does this matter?

First off, taste is important to us! You will notice how smooth & fresh our products taste.  We go an extra step of personally locating small, craft batch artisans of our products from all over the world!  Many are family owned estates that have been producing for hundreds of years. Do a taste test. Your taste buds will notice the difference!

Secondly, the majority of olive oil stores popping up around the country take the easy, less expensive way with a single mass supplier.  Not us!  We take the extra steps to offer hard to find oils & balsamics like our Aged Cask 25 Balsamic & our amazing Champagne Balsamic Condimento! We search for the highest quality artisan-made olive oil & balsamic, not mass produced oils with fancy names that are meaningless.

Thirdly, we always bottle our products out in the open so you can witness our outrageous attention to cleanliness and quality. We guarantee all of our our olive oil is pure & certified as First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council.

So go check the back of your bottles in your kitchen and if they don't say "Bottled by Olive Oil Divine", then you're missing out on the quality & divine taste of our artisan craft-batch products!