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About Our Store

We hear it every day: "Wow, your store is so beautiful—and clean!"

In a time when cleanliness is of upmost importance, we're proud to have been rated the cleanest store in Johnson City! In addition, we have been the only olive oil store in our region to receive a perfect inspection score by the TN Dept. of Agriculture!

Long before the pandemic, we have been working diligently to keep our store spotless and sanitized. After all, we're selling premium gourmet food that deserves the utmost respect to cleanliness!

We've created a virtual tour of our "One-and-Only" store located in Johnson City, TN. for you to see the home of our products available in our online store.

A Store of ONE like no others!

We're proud to say that Olive Oil Divine is not a franchise. We are local family owned and operated, and we like to say we're "A store of ONE like no others" helping you discover the finest olive oil and balsamic the world offers.

Unlike other franchised grocers & specialty stores, we have the freedom to purchase any product from any source we choose. It's taken us 100's of hours to assemble what we feel is the finest and most versatile selection of craft-batch olive oil & balsamic in the world! From the multitude of samples we receive, few receive our stamp of approval.

Why do we take such care in selecting our inventory? Simply put, we believe that if we wouldn't want it in our kitchen, then neither would you!

It’s not just our oil & balsamic that receive all this attention, but so do our olives, seasonings, pastas, BBQ and hot sauces. Rest assured our selection represents our choice for the “Cream of the Crop”!

To learn more, take the virtual tour below or visit us at:


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