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Za'atar Seasoning (Israeli)
Za'atar Seasoning (Israeli)

Za'atar Seasoning (Israeli)

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1.9 oz Jar

The flavor profile of our Israeli Za'atar has a complex nutty and woodsy intensity while the sumac adds an acidic lift that is a bit tart like lemon juice. You'll also pick up on the herbal floral undertones.

Use Za'atar as a savory balance to the sweetness of an oven roasted winter squash and as a secret ingredient in big hearty soups, or as a unique bread dipping seasoning!

Hand blended from sesame seeds, coriander, sumac, thyme, cumin, and black pepper.

No Salt
No Preservatives
Gluten Free
Country of Origin: USA

Use with our 100% Real Olive Oil & Italian Balsamic for amazing meals!

 Making You a Kitchen Hero!