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Walnut Oil - Roasted
Walnut Oil - Roasted
Walnut Oil - Roasted
Roasted Walnut Oil
Walnut Oil - Roasted

Walnut Oil - Roasted

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100% Real Roasted Walnut Oil

Our walnut oil is pressed in an artisan nut mill in California from hand-roasted California walnuts. Bold, aromatic, and flavorful!

Vegan, cholesterol free, Non-GMO, rich in antioxidants & omega 3 fatty acids.

Use on salads, baked goods, vegetables and breads. Pairs well with any of our fruit balsamics!

"Furry Friends" Friendly: Walnut oil reduces inflammation, making it a good choice for dogs with arthritis or other chronic pain. It's also high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, making it beneficial for a dog’s body, brain, and eye health. It can also aid in maintaining a healthy coat and skin and may serve as a natural remedy for skin irritations in dogs. Mix 1 tsp of walnut oil to every pound of dog food.  Always consult with your veterinarian before giving to your animals.


FREE Tapi Pour Spout is included in each bottle - $4.00 value!

  • Email us or Call us for current harvest or press date
  • Country of origin: Moldova or France

Combine with our all-natural seasonings, rubs & spices OR pastas to create amazing flavors!

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