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Hawaiian Black Salt
Hawaiian Black Salt

Hawaiian Black Salt

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4.8 oz Jar

Hawaiian Black Salt is also known as black lava salt, black salt or black sea salt. Top grade Hawaiian natural sea salt has a unique combination of taste and mineral content.  This black sea salt has additional purified black lava loaded with minerals and activated charcoal for color which produces a slightly sulfuric aroma. You'll love the earthy flavor that this lava sea salt provides when used as a finishing salt.

Sea salts that are considered better as roasting salts typically dissolve quickly and rapidly lose their flavor after lengthy cooking. Hawaiian sea salts can be used as either roasting or finishing salts for chicken and fish. Apply a light coating of regular sea salt on fish being steamed which preserves the moisture and the flavor. Use Hawaiian black salt for a finishing touch to complete the seasoning while also enhancing the appearance of the dish.

The theory of finishing salt is pretty simple; sprinkle or shake the artisan crafted salt across the surface of your food, and take a bite. First you'll taste the salt as it sits on top of the food, then you'll enjoy the flavor of the food and then they start to combine with each chew. You'll find the salt adding an enjoyable complexity to the dish. You'll almost instantly recognize an intensity of flavor from the finishing salt.

This Black Hawaiian Salt has a subtle smoky, yet salty flavor with a hint of sweetness.

No Preservatives
Gluten Free
Country of Origin: USA

Use with our 100% Real Olive Oil & Italian Balsamic for amazing meals!

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