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Austin Steakhouse Rub

Austin Steakhouse Rub

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1/2 Cup Jar

Our Steak Rubs are different than steak seasonings.  Rubs are used to add flavor as well as surface texture to the steaks. A good rub will be coarser than a seasoning and should be liberally applied.

First, brush your steak with our olive oil, then using 2 tablespoons of our Austin Steakhouse Rub for each pound of steak, generously rub the outside of your steak with the rub.  Then wrap each steak in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours or longer (up to several days!).  When ready to cook, allow steak to warm up to room temperature before grilling.

Hand blended from coarse black pepper, roasted minced garlic, onion flakes, shallots, coarse sea salt, oregano, red pepper flakes and ancho flakes.

No MSG / Non GMO / Gluten Free.
Combine with our award-winning Olive Oil & Balsamic to create amazing flavors!  

 Making You a Kitchen Hero!