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What is Olio Nuovo and why is it so desired?

Many people prefer vintage wines, classic movies, and old cars, but older is not always better when referring to extra virgin olive oil.  With extra virgin olive oil, the youngest oil is often sought-after like Solomon’s gold!  So, if you want the freshest olive oil possible, enter “Olio Nuovo” & "Olio Nuovo Zoi"!

“Olio Nuovo” is the Italian translation for “New Oil” meaning the oil is processed from olives selected during the first few weeks of harvest, is pressed, and shipped out quickly. Olio Nuovo always offers the highest polyphenol content from the olives, or in other words it is packed with polyphenols and health antioxidants up to 8x the antioxidant content of most other extra virgin olive oils giving it a huge health punch! 

Our Olio Nuovo & Olio Nuovo Zoi oils are made from green, unripe Greek Koroneiki or Kalamon olives that exhibit a strong (pungent) and bitter flavor, unlike olive oil crafted from a later harvest of ripe olives which offers a smooth, buttery cream flavor.

We suggest you select your olive oil depending on your palette and how you plan to use it, but keep in mind that the more robust the flavor the healthier the oil will be.

Do you know the harvest date of your olive oil?  We stress this point because it is important that you are buying the freshest olive oil possible. The Italians understood this and thus came up with the term “Olio Nuovo” because just like the timing of the harvest, the ripeness of an olive influences the taste and health qualities of its oil.  This in turn suggests the best timing for consuming the healthiest olive oil. An Olio Nuovo offers amazing taste and health properties for its first 3-6 months, but because it is unfiltered, the olive particles contain a little water which leads to faster degradation of the oil. We suggest you consume this oil within 6 months of its pressing if you are after the most health benefits.

Just remember that from the moment an olive is pressed it begins to decay by losing its polyphenol. This of course gives it a limited shelf life, but during the first 3-6 months the flavor of the oil is extremely vibrant, yet over time its flavor settles to become more distinguishable.

 So, when in Italy always ask for “Olio Nuovo”, and when in Spain always ask for “Aceite Nuevo”, or when in France always ask for “Huile Neuve”, but when in Olive Oil Divine you may simply ask for our “New Oil” or as our Greek & Italian friends say, “Olio Nuovo”!

Olio Nuovo First Cold Pressed Olive Oil health benefits should convince everyone to seek a reputable source for procuring certified Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Drop by Olive Oil Divine at 2517 North Roan Street in Johnson City, TN or visit our online store for the finest, reputably sourced olive oil products. Olio Nuovo olive oil benefits are too numerous to ignore, so explore how you can incorporate this incredible product into your family's diet, so you become their "Kitchen Hero".