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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

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Ground Ceylon Cinnamon is ground from the bark of the cinnamon tree, Cinnamomum verum and has an essential oil of .5% - 2.0%.

The inner bark of the cinnamon tree is peeled and dried, before being ground into Ceylon Cinnamon. It has a lighter color and more floral flavor than the Cassia Cinnamon with which most Americans are familiar.

Our Ceylon Cinnamon is from Sri Lanka and the name is derived from Sri Lanka's former name, Ceylon. 

Its flavor is reminiscent of citrus and cloves, with gentle floral top notes and sweet warmth. It's the preferred cinnamon in English, Central American, Mexican, South American, and South Asian cuisine.  It can be found in all sorts of Indian dishes, from biryani to chutney.

Throughout Europe and Mexico, Ceylon Cinnamon is the preferred cinnamon. In Sri Lanka, it is a key spice for fiery hot dishes. It’s a natural pairing for Latin American dishes that involve chocolate, whether it’s in one of the several Mexican moles or in a cup of spicy hot chocolate.

Ceylon Cinnamon has a complex flavor that is ideally suited for breads, cookies, cakes, ice cream, pastries, cottage cheese and we also enjoy it in our morning oatmeal.