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Tuscan Linguini

Tuscan Linguini



  • In a large skillet add your shallots and pancetta along with your 2 tbsp of olive oil. Cook over medium heat until the shallots have become translucent and the pancetta has rendered some fat.
  • Add your sliced mushrooms to the pan and cook them down, adding your Tuscany seasoning.
  • Cook your pasta until it is just shy of being done all the way. Reserve 1/4 cup of pasta cooking liquid.
  • Once your mushrooms have cooked down, drain and add your pasta to the pan, tossing to coat.
  • Add your grated cheese continuing to mix and coat. If needed, use your reserved cooking liquid to thin out the sauce to your desired consistency.
  • Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and top with cheese and parsley.

Alternate: Use our White Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of the Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italy).

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