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Red Wine Vinegar with Mother of Vinegar
Red Wine Vinegar
Red Wine Vinegar with Mother of Vinegar

Red Wine Vinegar with Mother of Vinegar

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100% Real Hand-Crafted Wine Vinegar

375ml Bottle only

This Red Wine Vinegar is only available through Olive Oil Divine and is crafted by our local wine maker right here in Johnson City!

The word vinegar is derived from the French word vin aigre which means sour wine.

Our red wine vinegar is a sour liquid consisting mainly of acetic acid and water, and is mainly used as a cooking ingredient to add excitement to the taste of a dish. This red wine is fermented by bacterial activity until it gets sour. The color is a pale pink which is derived from the type of wine used. This red wine vinegar exhibits a complex tangy but rounded taste and has been aged for a few months.

Crafted locally in N.E. Tennessee just for Olive Oil Divine!

Unpasteurized. Unfiltered. Unfermented. Contains "Mother" which will make this vinegar appear cloudy.

FREE Tapi Pour Spout is included in each bottle - $4.00 value!

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Combine with our all-natural seasonings, rubs & spices OR pastas to create amazing flavors!

 Making You a Kitchen Hero!