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Mountain Morning Maple Honey

Mountain Morning Maple Honey

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12oz Squeeze Bottle

Who doesn’t love the sweet flavor of Natural Maple Syrup on warm pancakes, waffles or oatmeal?  We sure do!  But seeing as how we love honey even more, we decided to infuse Natural Maple Extract with an extra light amber Wildflower Honey.  We believe the result is the perfect addition to your morning favorites.  An absolute must have on any breakfast table!  It’s also fantastic over a bowl of Vanilla ice cream.

Caution: Do not feed honey to children under one year old.

Note: Natural honey will crystallize eventually. To restore honey to its liquid form, heat water in a pan to a simmering state and remove from burner. Remove the lid and place the honey container in the water bath to the level of honey, until returning to its liquid state.