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We are NOT a "Veronica Foods" reseller. Here's why...

Taste is important to us!

You will notice how smooth & fresh our products taste. We go an extra step of personally locating small, craft-batch artisans of our products from all over the world! Many are family owned estates that have been producing for hundreds of years. Do a taste test. You'll notice the difference!

Most olive oil stores popping up take the easy, less expensive way by contracting with a single mass supplier like Veronica Foods.  Not us!  We strive to offer refined gourmet oils & aged balsamic vinegar such as our Aged Cask 25 Balsamic and our amazing Champagne Balsamic Condimento! We search for the highest quality artisan-made olive oil & Solera crafted balsamic vinegar, not mass produced oils with fancy names or labels that are meaningless.

We bottle our oil and balsamic out in the open so you can witness our outrageous attention to cleanliness and quality. We guarantee all of our our olive oil is pure & certified as First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council.

So check the back of your bottle and if it doesn't say "Bottled by Olive Oil Divine" you're missing out on the quality & taste we strive to provide!