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Cask 18 (18 Year) Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Cask 18 (18 Year) Aged Balsamic Vinegar

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375ml Bottle

Unlike any other 18 Year Aged Balsamic! ...and at an unheard-of price!

Bring Italy to your own table with this one!

This 18 year cask-aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy is made from acetified grape must matured by using the Solera method of blending which racks the vinegar between a succession of high quality barrels of different sizes.  A multiyear refinement process in classic wood barrels results in a rich assertive condiment that displays a warm brown color Balsamic with a semi-thick fluid consistency. Its aroma is penetrating and persistent with port and Madeira undertones which produce its classic Balsamic taste. You’ll be able to taste and feel the difference between this aged vinegar and cheap substitutes that are made by adding caramel or other products. This Balsamic Vinegar has hints of orange and fig flavors.

Great over salads, brushed on beef or use as a oil & balsamic bread dipping base.

NO SUGAR ADDED!  Others will try to convince you that our balsamics have added sugar, but that is a lie!  Our craft batch balsamics are indeed the real thing, are made under the solera method in Modena, Italy and are considered a condimento.  Our craft batch balsamics are 100% natural, have no preservatives, additives or thickening agents and are aged a minimum of 7 years!  In fact, our Cask 25 is barrel aged for 25 years!  This aging causes the balsamic to lose some of its liquid content, making it naturally thicken.  The sweetness is a result of the natural sugar in the trebbiano grapes concentrating into the remaining liquid.  So go ahead and enjoy with the assurance that our balsamic is ALL Natural and ALL Healthy!