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Caramel Sauces

Olive Oil Divine proudly offers All-Natural, Handcrafted Caramel Sauces By Caramel Kitchen

Using only copper pots, we hand-craft our caramel sauces in small batches the traditional way, using only cane sugar, cream, butter, sea salt, and vanilla. Using simple, pure ingredients without corn syrup, preservatives, gluten or nuts, our caramel sauces are authentic and rich in flavor, just like caramel was meant to taste.

 Base ingredients for all of our caramel sauces:

  • Cane Sugar
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Sea Salt
  • Vanilla

Additional natural ingredients include bourbon, cinnamon, coffee beans, chipotle peppers and natural spices. Also, our chocolate caramel sauce includes cocoa powder and xanthan gum. We never use preservatives, gluten, corn syrup or nuts in our sauces.

Even more amazing than our caramel sauces are the women who help run Caramel Kitchen; all graduates from the local Union Gospel Mission's Life Recovery Program!


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