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Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar

Bourbon White Balsamic Vinegar

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375ml Bottle

This specially made balsamic is the real-deal.  We get comments all the time about our unrivaled Champagne White Balsamic, and as with this gem tasting is believing!

Made with authentic Wild Turkey - Rare Breed Bourbon!

Use it anywhere you want the smooth flavor of a fine Bourbon (BBQ, grilling, seafood, etc…), or just sip it solo and enjoy!

Pairs great with our Red Apple Aged Balsamic, Vanilla Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pesto Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

ABV: <0.05

NO sugar added - NO additives - NO preservatives  - ALL natural ingredients

Our craft batch Balsamic condimentos are the real thing crafted in Modena, Italy using the barrel aging Solera Method. Our Cask 25 is aged up to 25 years!